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Nursing Now Challenge Global Solutions Initiative


What is the NNCGSI?

The Global Solutions Initiative connects early-career nurses and midwives around the world to share ideas and encourage nurse and midwife-led innovations that resolve global health issues.



The Nursing Now Challenge Global Solutions Initiative aims to provide a platform for nurses and midwives to share expertise and demonstrate the power of their knowledge through their innovative solutions to global health challenges.

NNCGSI Diagram Final with Icons

How does it work?

The NNCGSI works with a partner organisation to identify a theme for the challenge. Over two months, participants are provided with resources relevant to the chosen thematic area, including articles and webinars that will help them develop their solution. At the end of the two months, participants submit a concept note which outlines their solution to be judged by a panel of global health experts.


How do I get involved?

If you are interested in participating in the NNCGSI, join our Facebook group.

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