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What we do

The Nursing Now Challenge offers you:

Guidance on programmes, research evidence and good practice

We will also supplement your local programmes with optional global content, such as regular webinars with internationally recognised leaders talking about their career path and lessons learned.

Social media platforms

Developed social media platforms for both employers and the nurses and midwives on the programme to connect with others in their locality, country and around the world. This will enable ideas and learning to be shared, as well as collaborative events and the creation of networks that can be used for mutual support and to strengthen the voice of nurses and midwives regionally and globally. Specific networks will be established as particular countries and localities reach a critical mass, and will use the most appropriate platforms for that group.

Global challenges

The opportunity to take part in global challenges which give your staff/ students the opportunity to showcase their entrepreneurialism, innovative thinking and leadership skills.


For low and middle-income countries that cannot fund programmes locally, the Nursing Now Challenge will work with you to find the resources needed.

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Creating leadership development opportunities 
for 100,000 nurses and midwives in more than 
150 countries by the end of 2022.


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