Social media toolkit

Join us in raising the profile and status of nursing. Together, we can work to improve perceptions of nurses, enhance their influence and empower them to tackle 21st Century health challenges.

Use the messages and graphics below to spread the word on social media, and be sure to use the hashtag #NursingNow.


As the health professionals closest to the public, nurses should be empowered to realise their full potential. Call for them to play an even bigger role in health.

Right now, health services aren’t getting the most out of nurses and midwives. We can change that: #NursingNow

It’s time for nurses and midwives to play an even bigger role in health. We’re speaking up for nursing and midwifery: #NursingNow #HealthWorkersCount

We all benefit when nurses and midwives can give their best. Let’s support them in realising their full potential: #NursingNow #nursing


Changes in health care are opening new opportunities for nurses and midwives. Support them as they promote health, prevent disease and provide treatment.

Let’s take advantage of new technology and greater patient participation to give nurses and midwives more responsibility and respect: #NursingNow

The health challenges of the 21st Century cannot be overcome without strengthening nursing and midwifery: #NursingNow #globalhealth

To manage the impacts of migration, ageing populations and rise of chronic diseases, the world needs 9 million more nurses and midwives by 2030. Help make it happen: #NursingNow #NCDs


Nurses and midwives will be key to solving today’s health challenges – if they are properly deployed, valued and included. Make the case for putting them at the heart of policy and decision-making.

Health policy would improve if nurses and midwives were more involved. Decision-makers should make the most of their invaluable insights: #NursingNow

The world will be a healthier place if nurses and midwives are properly deployed, valued and included in health decision-making: #NursingNow #healthworkerscount

Trusted by the public, nurses should have more of a say in health policy. Join #NursingNow to increase nursing’s influence: #globalhealth


We cannot achieve universal health coverage without nurses and midwives. Celebrate their contributions to achieving the goal that everyone, everywhere has quality health care.

Nurses will be vital to ensuring all of us have affordable, quality health care: #HealthForAll #NursingNow

Close to communities and vital parts of health teams, nurses should be empowered as champions of Universal Health Coverage: #HealthForAll

Join #NursingNow to help nurses and midwives achieve their full potential. Together, we can build the global momentum behind the #HealthForAll movement:


Improving nurses’ working conditions, training and leadership skills will enhance health, empower women and strengthen local economies. Make the case for more investment in nursing.

Improve health care tomorrow by calling for investment in nursing and midwifery today: #NursingNow

Join the #NursingNow campaign to call for more training and education for nurses and midwives, so they can save even more lives:

We should look out for nurses and midwives like they look after us. Call for them to have proper pay and a safe workplace: #NursingNow #HealthWorkersCount

We’ll be adding more content in the coming weeks, including quotegraphics from our champions around the world – so watch this space!