Nursing Now is committed to providing supporters with materials to help raise the status and profile of nursing.

Before using the resources on this page, please ensure you share our visionprinciples and aims before signing our pledge.

Your use of these materials is subject to our Creative Commons licence and disclaimer statement detailed at the bottom of this page.


Brand book with information on how to use our logo, fonts and colours.

Logo files, JPEGs and PNGs in both RGB and CMYK formats.


Template PowerPoint presentation with ‘Title’, ‘Overview’, ‘Vision’, ‘Aims by 2020’, ‘Join us’ and ‘Find us online’ slides – along with blank slides.

Please download the Quicksand font (free) to use and edit the slides.


Online toolkit with GIFs, draft tweets and quotecards featuring our champions.


World Health Organization YouTube film about nurses and midwives’ key role in achieving universal health coverage.

Slideshow of photos of nurses at work around the world, set to music.


Information leaflet with details of our campaign pledge, how to get involved and where to find us online.


PDF for printing and JPEGs for use online.


Four PDFs for printing out pull-up banners.


Information and ideas on advocacy to aid supporters of Nursing Now in the development of their own campaigns.


Tri-fold leaflet with detailed information on the Nursing Now campaign – perfect for handing out at Nursing events. 



These resources are designed to be used by Nursing Now groups to run their own events to mark the Global Conference on Primary Health Care. Groups are encouraged to use the events to discuss the links between Primary Health Care and the #HealthForAll campaign, Primary Health Care in the 21st century and how to hold heads of state to account for pledges made in Kazakhstan in October.

Inside the file you will find an overview of the event in a box, a presentation on Primary Health Care, a template press release and a draft letter to your country’s Health Minister.


Regional, national and local Nursing Now groups can use this document to guide their planning for activities in 2019.

Nursing Now’s name and logo and any downloadable material published on this website may be used by supporters of the campaign on the basis of the Attribution, non-derivatives, non-commercial licence issued by Creative Commons and available at

This licence allows for the use of campaign material provided that Nursing Now and the Burdett Trust are named, the material itself is not changed and that it is not used for commercial gain.

This licence does, however, allow supporters to fill in the Slides provided here with their own​ information (for example, about nurses locally). Country logos may also be created, provided the brand book guidelines are strictly followed.

The Burdett Trust for Nursing does not accept any liability arising from the activities of these stakeholders or supporters nor does it authorise any of them to fundraise on its behalf. Read the disclaimer statement from The Burdett Trust for further information.