Nightingale Challenge Funding

Securing a sponsor/funding for your work

The Nightingale Challenge is a challenge to employers around the world. If you are a health care employer- doesn’t matter how big or small – keen to develop and optimise your nursing workforce, we are here to support you on your journey.

Being a global challenge, we appreciate the diversity of the nursing workforce, ranging from those working in large hospital networks to those running outreach programmes in rural and underserved area. This rich tapestry of work, skills and knowledge is exactly what the Nightingale Challenge is here to harness. But we also recognise that this diversity brings with it funding challenges for those who operate in resource-poor settings.  

In most cases, we would normally expect employers to pay the cost of development of their staff and to benefit from their improved performance. But in some cases, cost may get in the way. This section sets our clearly how we can support employers who are exploring funding opportunities to participate in the Nightingale Challenge. 

Can Nightingale Challenge sponsor me?

No. The Nightingale Challenge is global platform aimed at raising the profile of employers who have taken bold steps to develop their nursing workforce. We are here to learn from you, share your work with others globally and support you with practical and technical advice as you launch your initiative.  We will not be raising specific funds for the activities that employers plan as part of the challenge.

Can Nightingale Challenge help me with funding advice?

Yes, we can.  We are keen to help those who are not able to participate in the challenge without financial support. In the first instance however, we encourage you to explore funding sources you already know of, because we believe you know your local context and partners best. But should you require additional advice, we are here to help you navigate the process. We can connect you to funders with similar interests and help broker constructive discussions where possible. But please note, we are not able to guarantee funding. 

What do I need to do to approach a potential sponsor through the Nightingale Challenge?

Different funders are likely to have different requirements for applications as well as reporting on the funds provided. In order to direct you to the right place, we request that you complete a short, high level form to tell us a little more about what you plan to do as part of the Nightingale Challenge and how the funding will help. This will enable us to direct you to the right organisations and resources who may be interested in your work. Click here to tell us more about your work and we will get in touch as soon as possible. 

How do I work out how much funding I might need?

This would vary based on where you are based and what you want to do.  But as a rough guide, we are advising employers seeking funding to request around US$1,000 per nurse or midwife participant for their programmes, so around US$20,000 for an organisation planning on developing 20 young nurses or midwives as part of the Nightingale Challenge.

I am still a little unclear about my funding needs. Can I contact someone to discuss?

Yes, we are here to help. Please do drop us line at [email protected]