National Group

Nursing Now Colombia was launched on 13 May 2019 by the Consejo Técnico Nacional de Enfermeria in coordination with the Asociación Nacional de Enfermeras de Colombia (ANEC). For more information, contact Claudia Marcela Velásquez: [email protected]

You can also stay up to date with the latest news from Nursing Now Columbia on the official website.

Local Groups

  • Universidad Antonio Narino. Contact Johan David Tapiero Rojas, Coordinador Academico Facultad de enfermería UAN: [email protected] 
  • Capitulo Upsilon Nu, Sigma Theta Tau International. Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Contact Claudia Bonilla, Presidenta: [email protected] 
  • Universidad del Norte. Contact Juana Borja Gonzalez, Jefe de Departamento de Enfermería: [email protected] 
  • Universidad de Boyaca. Contact Leidy Alexandra González Sánchez, Docente: [email protected] 
  • Universidad de Santander Campus Cúcuta. Contact Jhon Alexander Rojas Caballero, Docente: [email protected]   
  • Consejo Técnico Departamental. Contact Mercy Soto, Presidenta: [email protected] 
  • Decana Facultad de Enfermería campus Bucaramanga Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia. Contact Nelly Esperanza: [email protected] 
  • Centro de Estudios en Infectologia Pediatrica. Contact Luz Marina Morales Corrales: [email protected] 
  • Universidad Francisco de Paula Santander. Contact Laura Paola Caballero Díaz: [email protected]
  • Non Profit Organization. Contact Hernando Baquero: [email protected]
  • Consejo Técnico Nacional de Enfermeria & Asociación Nacional de Enfermeras de Colombia (ANEC). For more information, contact Claudia Marcela Velásquez: [email protected]
  • Universidad del Tolima. For more information, contact: Jadith Cristina Lombo Caicedo, [email protected]
  • Universidad del Valle. For more information, contact: Claudia Patricia Valencia Molina, [email protected]
  • Asociación Colombiana Estudiantil de Enfermería (ACOEEN). Contact Adriana Lucía Builes Gaitan, Presidente: [email protected]
  • Corporación Universitaria Remington. For more information contact Anny Barboza, Director of Nursing Studies: [email protected]
  • Fundacion Universitaria del Area Andina Pereira. For more information contact Santiago Martinez, Teacher: [email protected]
  • Facultad de Enfermería Universidad de Antioquia. For more information contact Claudia Lopera, Decana: [email protected]
  • Universidad Santiago de Cali. For more information contact Jhoan Quiñones, Estudiante: [email protected]
  • Nursing Now Antioquia held an event on 12th July 2019 with more than 180 participants. For more information, please contact Grey Yuliet Ceballos Garcia, Presidenta Consejo Técnico Departamental de Enfermería de Antioquia-Colombia: [email protected]


Universities in the Cauca Valley, Colombia, launch their Nursing Now group

Earlier this year, the Universidad del Valle, along with the Universidad Pontificia Javeriana, Universidad Santiago de Cali, Universidad Libre, and delegates of the National Nursing Association as well as the Ethical Nursing Court launched their Nursing Now group.

Approximately 120 people attended, including guests such as Dr. Alexander Camacho, Assistant Secretary of the Municipal Health Department, Consuelo Burbano, Academic Vice Dean of the Faculty of Health and Dr. Claudia Patricia Valencia, Director of the Nursing School of the Universidad del Valle, as well as undergraduate and postgraduate students and teachers.

“During the launch event, we planted a tree as a symbol of the growing process that generates hope and that requires care and motivation, much like the nursing profession,” said Claudia Valencia, Professor of Nursing at the Universidad del Valle.

In the afternoon, students from the university presented some innovative ideas relating to direct care, complementary care with holistic guidance and nursing education.