Joining and setting up national groups

We are delighted to support the development of regional and national Nursing Now groups. Please review the guidelines here before registering your group using the button at the bottom of the page.

Nursing Now supporters have established groups in Uganda, Jordan and Qatar. Groups are also being set up in: Jamaica, South Africa, Zambia, Rwanda (launching 29 June 2018), Kenya (launching 15 June 2018), the Bahamas, Turkey, Malaysia (launching 12 May 2018) and Iran. The campaign is also being promoted in the US, Australia, Canada and Taiwan with nursing-related activities being linked with our campaign around the world.

If based in any of the countries above, please email to be put in touch with national campaign representatives. If interested in setting up a new group somewhere else, please read the guidelines below.

Download the Nursing Now brand book for information on how to use our logo and brand.

Guidelines for prospective national groups

Working globally, Nursing Now aims to support nurses and their organisations to mobilise and bring about change by:

  • encouraging nurses and other health care leaders to: develop nursing, introduce new models of care and encourage community activity, with the overarching aim of achieving universal health coverage (UHC) and other global and local health targets;

  • supporting nurse leaders and creating new opportunities for their development;

  • working – alongside the International Council of Nurses – with national nursing organisations and seeking ways to amplify their voice and strengthen their impact;

  • identifying and sharing effective nursing practice, particularly about the involvement of nurses in: policy making, health promotion, disease prevention, UHC, tackling non-communicable diseases and delivering primary and community care; and

  • building a global movement of nurses who have committed themselves to enhancing their role in health promotion, disease prevention and creating new models of care.

All potential Nursing Now groups should be formed with a commitment to developing nursing within a regional (by which we mean a wider area than a single country), national or a more local context.

If you would like to set up a Nursing Now group, please: 

  1. Confirm you share Nursing Now’s visionprinciples and aims before signing our pledge.

  2. Involve the Government Chief Nursing Officer – or most senior nurse nationally – and national nursing associations (national/regional groups only). If your country does not currently have a Chief Nurse on the government’s most senior health management team, note that we advocate for progress on this.

  3. Encourage groups beyond nursing to get involved, such as other health professionals and those in related government and non-governmental agencies, community representatives, civil society, academics, politicians and funders.

  4. Tell the World Health Organization (WHO) offices in your region/country about your group and ask them to join – where they exist in your country.

  5. Reach out to young people, including student and novice nurses and include them in your decision-making.

  6. Provide contact details that you are willing to have listed on our website so that people can reach you.

We ask you to:

  1. Find and connect with any other groups that are active near you through reviewing the global activity map.

  2. If there is no Nursing Now group in your area (region, country or more locally), then contact us to let us know you intend to set one up, so we can put you in touch with anyone else making similar plans. Email us at with the subject line: ‘Setting up a Nursing Now group’ and a short summary of who is involved and what your plans are.

  3. Provide us with a quarterly update on your activities by sending us an email with a summary of no more than 150 words of what you’re up to. You will also be encouraged to add listings to our global activity map when appropriate. We will provide a short template to help make this as easy as possible.

Nursing Now will support its regional and national groups by:

  • Providing a membership focal point to: answer any questions and suggest actions to take at a local level;

  • Updating the website with campaign materials and resources;

  • Developing programmes to take the campaign forward at a global level including on: UHC, research and evidence, leadership and development and sharing effective practice; and

  • Linking groups to other key organisations and people including the WHO, International Council of Nurses and Nursing Now Campaign Board members.

Groups formed at a more local level will have access to these resources, but we can’t guarantee much direct personal contact simply because of the numbers involved. We would encourage local groups to work with national groups wherever there are any.

Important Notes:

  • Nursing Now groups will need to find financial and other support for themselves; there is no funding available from Nursing Now centrally.

  • We encourage groups to use the Nursing Now logo but please email us for approval and design files beforehand, having first reviewed the brand guidelines.

  • The working language of the campaign is English; we will translate a limited set of materials into French and Spanish.

Having reviewed these guidelines and checked that there is no existing group covering your area, please register your Nursing Now group.