Guidelines to set up a Nursing Now Group

We are delighted that so many people are launching the Nursing Now campaign locally and setting up Nursing Now groups. As a result of the demand we have simplified the process and appointed a Nursing Now Stakeholder Manager to be the link person for Nursing Now groups, who can be contacted via email.

Guidance for all supporter groups

The three key points to note are:

Firstly, the name and logo of the campaign and any downloadable material published on the campaign website may be used by supporters of the campaign on the basis of the Attribution, non-derivatives, non-commercial licence issued by Creative Commons and available at This means that campaign material may be used provided Nursing Now and the Burdett Trust for Nursing are named, the material itself is not changed and that it is not used for commercial gain.

Secondly, The Burdett Trust for Nursing does not accept any liability arising from the activities of Nursing Now stakeholders or supporters nor does it authorise any of them to fund raise on its behalf. Read our full disclaimer statement here.

Thirdly, we want to hear from you! Please let us know what you are doing – sign the pledge, sign up for the update and put yourself on the map. Please also update our Stakeholder Coordinator with your plans and activities.

Setting up a national Nursing Now group or a regional group covering several countries, such as Nursing Now Scandinavia or Nursing Now Africa

We are asking you to register with us if you are setting up a country or regional (ie multi-country) group – because we only want one national group in each country and each region (although there can be lots of more local ones).

To register as a national group please check that you fit these criteria then complete the Application Form.

Criteria for national and regional groups

  1. There is only one national group per country

  2. Groups must sign up to the vision and aims of Nursing Now

  3. Regional groups are made up of national groups within the region

  4. National and regional groups must seek the support of the Government Chief Nurse (if there is one), the National Nursing Association and the WHO national office and/or their regional equivalents

  5. National and regional groups need to make arrangements to have non-nurses and young nurses involved in their structure

  6. National and regional groups are encouraged to involve educational organisations, regulators, NGOs and others concerned with the development of nursing

  7. National and regional groups need to sign an agreement with the Burdett Trust for Nursing which covers their use of the name and logo and role in the campaign in the country

  8. National and regional groups need to provide a contact point which will be published on the campaign website and available to people wishing to participate in the campaign in the country or region

Once we receive your application, those wishing to set up a national group or regional group will be sent an agreement with the Burdett Trust for Nursing to sign and return – you are then formally registered.

The Nursing Now campaign will provide support to national and regional Groups, primarily through the Stakeholder Coordinator. The Coordinator will keep you informed of developments, make sure you have access to resource materials and involve you in the development of the campaign globally.

All National and Regional Groups will be requested to provide a short progress activity report quarterly. Upcoming deadlines for these will be published.

The Coordinator will also be able to keep national groups informed of local groups that may be being formed or active in the country – although we hope that national groups will already be aware of them!

If you are setting up a group in your town, organisation or village or holding a launch or event please use the campaign material. You can find this here.

We are not limiting the number of Local Supporter Groups that can be set up; these should feed into the national group if there is one.

Local Groups are not required to sign a formal agreement with the Burdett Trust.