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31 May 2018

BMJ: Nursing – the wave of the future

By Lord Nigel Crisp

Written by Lord Crisp, Co-Chair of the Board of Nursing Now, this article argues that medicine is enhanced when nurses are given more responsibility and recognition. In the article, Lord Crisp writes:

“It is for these reasons that I and colleagues have launched Nursing Now, a global campaign to improve health by raising the profile and status of nursing. The fact that within only two months we now have Nursing Now groups active in 40 countries suggests that we have caught a tide and have got our timing right”

You can read the full article here.

13 May 2018

House of Lords Debate: Investing in Nursing Globally

Lord Crisp led a House Of Lords debate in the UK Parliament to discuss global investment in nursing, Baroness Watkins of Tavistock also participated in the session.

Watch the full debate here.

10 May 2018

American Nursing Today: The Nursing Now campaign launches

By Pamela F. Cipriano, President of the American Nurses Association

Dr Cipriano explains the founding principles of the Nursing Now campaign, and makes comparisons between the goals of the campaign and the recommendations which came out of the US-focussed report by the Institute of Medicine entitled The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health.

“U.S. nurses are not alone in our quest to be a prom­inent voice at all tables in determining how to best shape and deliver healthcare.”

Read the full article here.

April 2018

Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation Journal: Global Nursing Campaign Aims to Empower Nurses to Maximise Influence

Discusses Australia’s contribution to the Nursing Now campaign through an interview with Nursing Now Board Member for the Western Pacific Region, Emeritus Professor Jill White.

“The campaign is about bottom up and top down in lots of ways. It’s about trying to educate non-nurses about what nursing can do and garner their assistance and understanding.”

Read the full article here.

April 2018

American Nursing Now: Nursing Now aims to empower nurses worldwide

Page 50

An introduction to the Nursing Now campaign.

“As the health professionals closest to communities, nurses are key to developing new models of community-based care”

Read the full article here.

Spring/Summer 2018

Engage Magazine, Royal Society of Medicine: Nursing Now

Page 19

An introduction to the Nursing Now campaign. RSM’s Chief Executive, Helen Gordon, attended the Global Launch of Nursing Now in London in March, and there are plans for coordinated events.

Read the Spring/Summer Edition of the magazine here.

28 March 2018

WHO Health Workforce Newsletter: Launch of a new global campagin to raise the profile of nurses

Short article covering the launch of Nursing Now and providing links for nurses who wish to sign up.

Read the full newsletter here.

26 March 2018

Gulf Times: Healthcare Sector Witnessing Unparalleled Growth

This article covers the 6th Middle East Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare, which served for the backdrop of one of the launches of Nursing Now.

The conference also served as the backdrop to the unveiling of the Nursing Now campaign, a three-year initiative run in collaboration with the World Health Organisation and the International Council of Nurses that seeks to empower nurses, enhancing their influence and maximising their contribution to healthcare delivery.

Read the full article here.

14 March 2018

World Heart Federation: Nursing Now Campaign Launched

This piece, by one of ICN’s partners on the Global Coalition for Circulatory Health, welcomes the launch of Nursing Now and the impact of nursing at community level.

“Nurses are at the heart of most health teams, playing a crucial role in health promotion, disease prevention and treatment.”

Read the full article here.

6 March 2018

THET: Pressing for Progress: Nursing Now!

By Professor Judith Ellis

Written by Professor Judith Ellis, a nurse and the Chair of Trustees at THET, this article explores why the goal of Universal Health Coverage cannot be achieved with strengthening nursing globally. She writes:

“As a nurse myself, I celebrate such positive moves from the global health arena. But the shortfalls in both the numbers and the influence nurse’s and midwives face around the world is still an all too familiar reality. That is why as Chair of Trustees at THET I am proud that we are supporting the new Nursing Now! Campaign which launched just a week ago.”

Read the full article here.